See the Page that Facebook pulled down here!

Sadly when sharing one of my favorite pages of Jim’s 18th issue of Tarot, “Diary of a Witch”- someone flagged it as inappropriate and it was pulled down. I love this story on many levels- personally, knowing that Jim was inspired by my own boobie issues! It was kinda mind blowing for me, in one summer, […]

Art Print Grab Bag & other Holiday Specials

Plus a Holiday Update: ART PRINT GRAB BAG! SKYCLAD HOLIDAY SPECIAL HEXMAS MINI PRINT BUNDLE We’re Bizy Comicbook Elves! Merry Yule to you all! Jim & I are hard at work creating the Crossover Issue. He’s colouring the Studio & B Covers today-I’m colouring the interiors (peek at the silliness below) …It’s looking so FUN- […]

Tarot#18 ReIssue: Diary of a Witch… Only 40 copies available

This is a special reprint of OUR  sold out edition. The print run is 400 but we only have 40 available to offer, The front cover is ‘B’ & back cover is design ‘A’ from the 1st press. Edition will come signed by Jim and bagged…. ONLY $25.00 ships mid- Feb.2015 while supplies last. CLICK […]

Last Day of our Kickstarter!!!

AHHHHH! This is it! The last day to Join our Crossover Kickstarter! Thanks to all our Backers- the parcels will be stuffed with many Goodies.. If your Pledge package contains a Comicbooks (that’s pledges $10 and UP) the extra Stretch Goal Goodies are: A Wild card Magnet, 2 chibi stickers, the Studio Edition of Tarot#90 […]

Black Magick Specials & VOTE for your next Stretch Goal!

Tis the Season for Magick and Merry! Here are some Hexcellent Specials for you…. CLICK FOR: Raven’s Black Magick Bundle $10! Sample the Dark Magick of Raven Hex! Each pack ‘will have 5 different comics-Issues are as follows: #27 the ‘The Goblin Queen , #54’Once upon a time’ ,#58: “the Library of Magick”, #77 ‘Witches’ Duel’, […]

Tarot 89 in stores Nov 26th & Stretch Goals keep growing!

Hope all are happily getting ready for the holidays! We have the Tarot #89 pre-orders shipping this week and the issue will be in stores Nov 24th! I uploaded the Tarot #89 video- I see it’s right here on the front page- so when you have a mo’ have a watch! Still need to order #89? […]

Crossover KickStarter is growing Strong with Stretch Goals!

Hurray! Thanks to our wonderful Backs Many New Stretch Goals are being added!!! CLICK TO JOIN THE FUN! Also Bleeding Cool News announced our project today! CLICK TO READ  

Come Join our Tarot/School Bites Crossover Kickstarter!!!

This is the very FIRST time TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE & SCHOOL BITES books have done a crossover! Adventure, Fantasy, Laughs! Click over to our NEW Kickstarter Project!- We already hit our goal but now Stretch goal goodies are being added to all pledge packages that include comicbooks! Click here for all the […]

Start Celebrating 15 Years of BroadSword Comics NOW!

Cover Art & Story Revealed & PHOTOCOVER!!! Exclusive Tarot#91 Special Celebrate 15 Years of BroadSword Comics with this special Pre-order of Tarot#91, Deluxe Edition Litho AND our Annual Photocover! PLUS a bonus gift! The Story: TAROT, WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE #91 Jim Balent Mature Readers The Hanged Witch Alone on a hill with no […]

Tarot#89 Studio Cover Revealed and we’re on the Alternative Comics NEW Podcast!

Raven Hexed Krampus! Tarot#89 Studio Edition Story and Art by Jim Balent Mature Readers “Raven Hexed Krampus” Only 750 of these covers were created. Edition comes bagged/boarded and signed Jim & during the first shipping… Holly….$15 First Time Purchase Click Here WANT TO ADD TO STUDIO COVER TO EXISTING ORDER? +$15 CLICK HERE WANT TO […]